Kathleen Lothringer


    I am a Costume Engineer.  I can pattern a suit, drape a gown, sculpt clay and make molds, manipulate leather, make hats, put a zipper into a garment made of stretch knit and do many other things.  And yet, I yearn for more skills.  I am eager to try new skills, from new tools and machines to new stitches and finishes, because to me, nothing is more fun and satisfying than working out the structure of a new costume.  Like a mystery writer, I work backwards from the desired outcome, building the case bit by bit until I know how to achieve exactly what the designer has drawn.  I actively seek out new ways in which to challenge myself and I am eager to see what comes next.

Kathleen is currently working at AD Players


Costume Engineer

Kathleen Lothringer is a self-described Costume Engineer with nearly a decade of sewing and crafting experience.  Hailing from The University of Texas at Austin, where she was the only student draper to begin main stage work as a Junior, she has draped and stitched for dance, Shakespeare, and even Santa.